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A-119 Connecticut Button
A-184 PreHistoric Native American Arrowheads
A-28 Crossed Canon Insignia
A-39 Japanese War Plane Fragment
A-76 Large Grape Shot
A-118 New York Button
A-161 US Buckle
A-187 Lamplight
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A-137 Bayonet
A-140 New York and Connecticut Buttons
A-148 Epaulette Brass Shoulder Scale
A-189 Belt Buckle
A-222 El Nuevo Constante
A-175 Fighting Tigers
A-169 Rusty Horseshoe and Minie Bullets
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A-16 Canteen
A-154 Connecticut Civil War Buttons
A-242 Bugle
A-263 Indian Spear Point
B-159 Powder Flask
B-167 US Belt Buckle
B-198 Pipes
B-208 Civil War Minie Bullet
B-215 Hotchkiss Cannister
B-218 Minie Bullets
B-227 Confederate Civil War Bullet .69 Cal
B-228 Confederate Civil War Bullet .58 Cal
B-307 Horseshoe Tree
K- Yankee Eagle Breast Plate