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For many years, he has been lecturing extensively on historic topics and conducting tours of Civil War battlefields and other historic sites for local and foreign groups. Affiliations include serving as a board member for the United States Civil War Center at LSU (Baton Rouge). He is a member and past president of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Baton Rouge Civil War Roundtable; serves on the USS Kidd (Destroyer DD-661) Naval War Memorial Foundation (Baton Rouge); and on numerous museum boards. He has a weekly television program (WBTR-TV Channel 19) covering a wide range of historical topics on Louisiana history. He is a four year veteran of the United States Air Force (1953 - 1957)
Billy Spedale, author and historian, is the consummate history buff and quintessential collector. A native Baton Rougean with a life long interest in Louisiana and American history, he is regarded as an authority on the American Civil War and history in general. He is an avid collector of historic books, military memorabilia and historic artifacts. His publications on the American War Between the States (Civil War) and World War Two (WWII) have been read throughout the world in his books, and in newspaper and magazine articles.
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